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BodyCure MB6 Full Body Automatic Jade Thermal Massage Bed with 11 jade stone rollers better than Ceragem Master V3 RL1 Nugabest N4 NM4000 Vigen 8000,8500,9500

7 In 1 Coredless Hand Massager





Product Description

A Complete luxurious body Massage is a new product with 7 massage heads.
It can be changed by your requirement.
Used to stimute and tap acupuncture points on the body, specially in the pain, sole of the foot and things as you get an acupuncture treatment.
Designed for fat removal and used to massage on the belly, waist, thigh and shoulder.
Used on acupuncture sports, Prostate spot, the waist , shoulders, back, used to massage on the joints of writs, ankles and elbows, used on the neck and muscle.