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BCM3 Blood Circulation & Vibration Machine

Model No. BCM3 Manual

Discounted Price with 1 year warranty Rs 8500

Product Highlights
Useful in case of muscle stiffness, joint pain, varicose veins, constipation
Works on providing relief to tired feet, calf, and back muscles
Enhances the blood flow in the body
Suitable for all age groups

BCM3 Oxygen Blood Circulation Machine BCM Massager rejuvenates tired feet, calf and back muscles & helps in increasing blood flow and in resolving many health problems like muscle stiffness, joint pain, varicose veins, constipation and other lifestyle disorders which are commonly found these days. 5 in 1 Machine: Vibration, Acupressure, Infrared, Metal-Therapy, Magnet Therapy.
Cartoon Size- W-41cm, L-46cm, H-28cm

Can be used for acupressure and magnet therapy
It can give multifunctional massage
It can be used by all age groups

Product Specifications And Features:
Provides magnetic therapy and skin tightening
Acupressure releases tension increases circulation and reduces pain
Results in rapid and intense muscle contraction

Direction For Use
Simply place it under your feet and turn on the massager

Safety Information
Read the label and user manual carefully
Keep away from children
Donít exceed the massage duration over 30 minutes