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BodyCure V3 Fully Automatic Massage Bed with Body Scanning Scan Technology with jade stone rollers better than Ceragem Master V3 RL1 Nugabest N4 NM4000 Vigen 8000,8500,9500

Benice Fat Remover Belt to massage any body part with Pressure & Vibration function
(Better than Ceragem Healax)

Model No :
BM2 Manual

Actual Price

Rs 5000

Discounted Price with 6 months Warranty

Rs 3900

Discounted Price with 1 year Warranty

Rs 4250


  • Multi-speed intensity levels with 10 miniutes automatic timer in matching of your personal training. Elastic belt fits waist sizes 24" - 47" (belt fits up to 56" with extender included)

  • Increase basal metabolism that further burns fat even while at rest. Toning & massaging for thighs, butt, stomach and lumbar region

  • Oscillating motion enhances blood circulation to flex your core muscles and fluid retention.Capitalizes on symmetrical bi-directional massage which is in line with the naturally symmetrical human body


  • Freebie:One Random Model SD Card Reader & One USB Single LED Light

Product description
Cartoon Size: W-19cm, L-36cm, H-12

Combining di-directional power motion and double kneading Duo Plus Technology, the stylish Abdominal Toning Massage Belt breaks down fatty tissue in the tummy, butt and thighs, tighten muscles and create a perfectly trimmed body when combined with an effective diet plan. Wraps this powerful belt easily around your sore and tired muscles to relieve aches and pain. It provides with the choice to choose among the multi-speed intensity massaging needs. For its easy operation, its control panel has a backlit button with 1 touch remote control. For the best result, it has an auto timer having a session of 10 minutes. Staying trim and healthy just got easier with the belt and extension belt included to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Following the ergonomic design principles and use double helix self-resonance losing weight technology which match the body’s natural symmetric structure to give fat accumulation parts transmitted vibration stimulation. In this case, it can divide fat layer into small parts which can help to lose weight. 
The PU leather has no adverse reaction with top quality. It can massage to parts like neck, shoulder, waist, stomach, buttock, legs and arms, what’s more, the speed and strength can be adjusted at discretion. It is an ideal home body shaping healthy product. 
Benice losing weight massage waist with innovative technology make it quite easy to build healthy and sexy body ! 
High-class : 1.High quality electric motor which can be used for more than 3years. 2.The PU leather has top quality which is dirt proof and wear resistance. 3.Good compound PCT sponge which has no smell. 
Safety :1.The national certification power and circuit wire which is anti high voltage power supply and anti aging. 2.The material of imported motor is copper clad aluminum and also has insulating plastic cover, which is safe and anti creep. 
Good effects:1. Update the heating function which can increase lipolysis of fat and lose weight quickly. 2. The powerful motor (200rec./sec.)Is the killer of fat and you should use direct plug. One can lose 7pounds on an average of 30 days. It is not a dream to reduce belly crazily! 
Exercise energy consumption comparison
Fashion losing weight massage waist 10 minutes Swimming 35 minutes; Jogging 40 minutes; Rope skipping 20 minutes; Bicycle 45 km; Crunches 1200 times; 
10 minutes energy consumption comparison: Massage waist 1200Cal/ Hula hoop 78Cal/ Badminton 120Cal/ crunches 90Cal/ jogging 309Cal/ rope skipping 527Cal Attention: one chess burger=3 bowel of steamed rice=3 glasses of beer=720Cal