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BM3 Neck & Shoulder Massager with Rollers (similar to Ceragem Healax) Rs 2700


Neck Massager Machine for Cervical Shoulder Pain & Stress Relief with Kneading & Heat is a unique combination of rolling and heat massage therapies. The neck rollers are embedded in a belt so that you can adjust the position of the rollers and apply as much pressure on your muscles as required. You can target the rollers of this neck shoulder massager pillow to your desired strength , just pull as per the pressure required. This neck massager for pain & stress relief is compact and portable and can be taken along when you travel. This back and neck massager pillow for neck pain is highly effective in case of cervical spondylitis and to relieve muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulder region.

Product Name:
shoulder/ Neck Massager
Convenient to knead your neck
Massage Area:
Neck Shoulder
Massage point:
Neck Shoulder
Personal Health Care


Helps to reduce pain in Neck and Shoulder Region, can be used for Back, Hips or Thighs as well

Cartoon Size: W-20cm, L-40cm, H-18cm


Apply on neck area with both straps hanging on your neck; plug in the power supply and press the On/Off button on the massager. You can also adjust the intesity of rollers against your body by pulling the device towards you

About the product

  • ✔ RELIEVE MUSCLE AND TENDON PAIN AWAY: Effectively reduce the amount of pain in your neck, shoulder, and back regions; relieve chronic headaches caused by pinched and stressed nerves; improve blood circulation and get soothing massage with ChiSoft neck shoulder massager
  • ✔ IMPROVED HEATED 4 MASSAGE ROLLERS: Massaging knobs gently yet firmly pinpoint regions of discomfort and knead the muscles and tendons to provide the ultimate soothing comfort.
  • ✔ GREAT FEATURES: High quality materials along with bi-directional massaging knobs, 15 minutes auto safety shut off feature, and support arm straps provide enhanced value compared to other similiar products.
  • ✔ BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE: Improved blood circulation and sleep cycle, reduced pain and discomforts, and a better overall wellness after regular use of this neck shoulder massager will brighten your day, improve your mood, and offer you a level of peace and comfort that you deserve.
  • ✔ GREAT DESIGN: Portable and light weight neck massager machine, perfect to be used at home, in the office, or in the car with the included AC car adapter. Leather design also provides a level of unique modern style. Don't miss out this amazing neck shoulder massager machine. Try it today!
  • Professional Neck and Shoulder Massager: Effectively relieve fatigue. Shoulder Massager with switchable infrared heat + 8 Deep-Kneading rotating massage heads + finger pressing and kneading massage + adjustable rotation direction. Improve blood circulation, release stress, aches & tension,and sooth loosen tight muscles.
  • Your Personal Massage Therapist: Massage any body parts you need. With the long PADDED STRAPS, Place your arm into the handle, easy to apply pressure and adjust the kneading massager.With the U-design, fit perfectly against the contoured shape of your neck, back, abdomen, buttock, calf, or thigh.
  • Advanced Infrared Heating Function Back Massager: Transfer warmth to muscles, ligaments & tendons to improve the blood circulation. With 15 minute Auto Shut-Off smart circuit over heat protection to ensure safety. MYCARBON electric massager included AC adapter and car charger so that you can use it in home, office or as car massager.
  • Ultra Quiet Motor: MYCARBON Neck and Back Massager can control the noise under 60 DRA. Won't affect you while you on a telephone or watch television. The low noise allow you to enjoy massaging in the office, on the bed or in the car.
  • CERTIFIED BY CE, FCC, ROHS. Hypoallergenic neck massager. With a powerful motor, the Shiatsu Massager devices are durable for a long time, no concern for the damage. ★★ We provide you 1-month free return, and 2-year warranty ★★