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BodyCure MB6 Full Body Automatic Jade Thermal Massage Bed with 11 jade stone rollers better than Ceragem Master V3 RL1 Nugabest N4 NM4000 Vigen 8000,8500,9500

HDM4 Acu scalp True Enjoy 3d kneading tool



Helps in cleaning Scalp and strengthening hairs when
 used under shower along with shampoo.
Relax not only your head but your shoulder and arm
 too to relax your muscles
Three modes of massage - slow forward rotation, fast
 forward rotation and fast
 reverse rotation to facilitate personalized levels of massage
 speed and pressure adjustment
Helps in recovering of .Depression and stress hormones
Beneficial in Migraine and head ache, water proof and rechargeable


Product description
Head Massaging has been a popular part of many alternative therapies. This technique has now been merged with modern technology in the form of the Head Massager which helps in relaxing the body, soothing the mind and bringing about good health. Soothing finger running on your forehead, gently pressing your temples and following a path via your scalp down the neckline, erasing away all your tensions and pain - no, you are not dreaming. You are enjoying a head massage - your chunk of a mini heaven. If you are a frequent sufferer of headaches and migraine attacks, you'll understand this feeling even better. Scalp kneading also helps in improving blood circulation and de-stressing tensed muscles. Headaches, which are generally the result of stressed muscles, can be relieved by using the device. Moreover, migraine, which is mostly caused by decreased levels of serotonin, can be very efficiently managed by the regular use of the Head Massager