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Healthgenie Digital weighing scale for body weight

Healthgenie Digital weighing Scale for body weight is easy to use digital bathroom weighing scale. It is designed with tempered glass with an motivational quote "Healthy Living" which makes it attractive and fashionable
Temperature display & USB compatible : Healthgenie weighing scale shows Room temperature in degree Celcius. Also, it has micro-USB port for easy charging through a laptop, tablet or directly through mobile charger (USB cable included in box)
Low Battery & Overload Indicator : This digital weighing scale has an all time battery display on the screen which also warns about low battery so that users can recharge it before shutting down. The scale also comes with overloading indicator which appears when weight increases its maximum capacity
Auto On/Off Function : Auto on/off function helps to save battery, after stepping out the scale will show reading for 5 seconds and then turns off automatically which saves user's money
Safety & Comfort : The glass is designed to be skid resistant. 5mm thick tempered glass provides extra sturdiness and strength to avoid breakage
Auto Calibration : Healthgenie weighing scale or weight machine comes with auto-calibration function. For initial use or if the scale is moved from its place, please step on the scale to initialize and step off the scale is now calibrated and ready to use




Product description
Healthgenie Digital weighing scale for body weight, Personal bathroom human body weight scale - (Black) can be used as bathroom weighing scale, kitchen scales and weight machine also having some extra features like USB rechareable, room temperature display, auto ON/OFF, Low Battery indicator which makes it best among. It is beautifully designed with tempered glass and an inspirational quote printed on its platform which inspires users to work out and maintain their weight. Digital scale has a platform size of 30 x 30 x 2. 5 Cm which provides a perfect foot space for users. Healthgenie weighing scale have an bright LCD display of size 7 x 2. 7 cm which helps the users to see their results clearly. Healthgenie digital weighing scale features sense on technology which means user just needs to simply step up on the scale and its auto on features turns the scale on and gives the accurate readings and helps to track the progress of their weight. Its tough tempered glass platform makes it strong enough to bear the weight upto 180 kg. The scale features auto ON/OFF function. As this model of Healthgenie weighing scales is USB recharegable so there is no need to changed the battery just charge it and ready to measure.