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Lifelong LLM45 Rechargeable Tapping Body Massager With 3 Attachments (Cordless), Brown



Rechargeable massager for Cordless use - Runs on a powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery

6 massage modes and 6 speed options - Customise to your massage needs

Continuous use time of 80 minutes (on single charge). Microcomputer control with automatic and manual modes

Based on advanced vibration technology - To Relax Knots and Muscles



Product description

Style name:LLM45


Enjoy quick and effective relief from sore and aching muscles from all parts of your body for you and your family with Lifelong's Rechargeable Body Massager, a brilliant combination of power-packed vibration- based massage and soothing warmth.It can be used anywhere as it doesn't need to be connected to any power socket for it to function. You can use it on the go with its rechargeable battery.The powerful vibrating action of the massager penetrates deep into the muscle layers for quick and effective relief of muscles aches and strains. The weight of the massager is well balanced for optimized massage effect. The extended handle allows the massager to affect hard-to-reach places as well.Rechargeable massager
Rechargeable massager for Cordless use - Runs on a powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery. 80 mins of run time on each charge. Full charge in 3.5 hoursRevitalize Yourself
Sweating is essential for detoxifying your body. The heat and vibration therapy of the Lifelong Rechargeable Body Massager helps to detoxify your body while relaxing each muscle group and toning and stretching your skin.Additional Features
Lifelong's Rechargeable Body Massager is designed for fat removal and is used to massage on the belly, waist, thigh and shoulder.

Rechargeable Battery
The Lifelong Rechargeable Body Massager comes with a rechargeable Li- Ion battery and a charging cable, for better wireless access and usage. This massager is an ideal companion while travelling, and also for everyday usage. Being a rechargeable massager, you donít need to sit around a switch board or even require a wire attached to your massager all the time. This can be used while travelling or sitting anywhere in the house or workplace.

Use it Anytime, Anywhere
The Rechargeable Body Massager by Lifelong can be used anytime, at any place you are. It comes in handy in all situations. It is your savior in case of sudden cramps and muscle pains. It serves it's purpose all the time, be it when travelling back home from office or in the car on your way to work.

Compact Design
The Rechargeable Body Massager is compact and easy to carry. It fits perfectly into your hand and focuses on specific muscle groups. The elongated grip allows the massager to affect hard-to-reach places as well.

Interchangeable Massage Heads
The Massager comes with 3 interchangeable massage heads for a better optimized massage experience. Each massage head focuses on specific muscle groups for maximum relaxation and comfort.

Improves Quality of Living
The Lifelong Rechargeable Body Massager targets all your sore muscles and improves blood circulation. It's massaging technique ensures an extremely therapeutic and relaxing experience for you wherever you are. Relaxed muscles encourage a restful sleep, which in turn improves your overall quality of living.

Engineered for Strong and Continuous Stimulation
The Lifelong Rechargeable Body massager provides you with long and effective relief from muscle and body aches. The high vibration features gives your stressed out muscles a much needed break from the everyday hustle. The powerful pulsations target the tensest and sore parts of your body, making it a wholesome stress-relieving therapy.


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