BodyCure Z100 Ultimate 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair top most model





1.Thanks for choosing our product, please read this manual carefully before
using, so as to know the right way to use it. Please pay attention to the important
warnings, and keep this manual properly.

Remark: Our company keeps the right to change and explain the product
design, we will not announce if there is change, product real color shall prevail.
Safety and maintenance 02-03
Warnings 04-05
Parts 06
Functions 07

Remote control instruction 08-09
Usage methods 10-20

Power on 10

Massage function control operation 10-17

Voice control operation 18

Position adjustment 19

Power off, stop massage 19

Method to move the product 20

Specification 20
Features, maintenance and cleaning of microfiber 21
2.Safetyandmaintenance Safety and maintenance
.lmportant warning /\ 4.Safety notice
“Keep children away from the moving parts of this product «Check if the voltage complies to this product's specification
- Please use well-grounding power matching this product Don’t plug in and out the power cord with wet hands
‘Please pull off the power cord after using or before cleaning, to avoid damage or injury - Prevent this product from water so as to cause electric shock or damage
‘Please use this product according to the instructions Don’ t put strength on the power cord when plugging in and out
Please don’ t use unrecommended accessories. “Don't damage the wires or change its circuit
“Please don’ t use this product outside - Don’t clean the live parts with wet cloth, such as power switch and plug
"Please read this manual carefully before using * Please leave this product when power is cut off, to avoid injury if power supply comes back
"Do not use this product for purposes which are not listed in this manual. *When users find this product abnormal during usage, please stop using immediately and
*Recommended using time is no more than 30 minutes consult to local distributors
“Please don’ t use if the covers are broken When users feel unwell during usage, please stop using immediately and consult to doctor
“Please don’t use if the ventilation holes are blocked * This product does not suit users with physical disability, nerve imperfection or those tack
“Please don’ t drop any objects into this product of experience and common knowledge (including children), unless they are guided or
*Please don’t fail asleep when using this product supervised by their guardian
‘Please don’ t use this product under drunk or unwell situation
*Please don’t use this product in one hour after having meal 5.Maintenance
“Please don’t push hard when using this product to avoid injury - This product must be maintained in authorized service center, users are not allowed to
disassemble it and repair

2.Environment : Please shut off the power switch after usage
- Please don’t use under high temperature and humidity circumstance such as bathroom ‘Don’ tuse this product when power socket is loose . ae

, : . ‘Scroll the power cord and put this product in dry environment if it will not be used for
* Please don’ t use when environment temperature changes dramatically long time
* Please don’ t use under environments where dusts are heavy or full of corrosive air. ‘Don't put this product close to high temperature, fire, and direct sunshine
* Please don’ t use where space is limited or air circulation is not smooth ‘Please clean with dry cloth, no diluent, benzene and alcohol

-The mechanical parts of this product is specially designed and manufactured, no need
3.Users not suitable to use massage chair special maintenance
- Users with malignant tumor, osteoporosis, and spine broken ‘Don’ t use sharp objects toward this product
‘Users with heart disease or equipped with electronic medical devices such as pacemaker ‘ Don’ tmove this product on unsmooth ground, labor liftis required
Don’t use this product continuously

* Users with high fever, or wounded just after surgical operation
+ Pregnant, puerperants or menstrual women. 6.Common phenomenon settles down
* Users with surface or internal injuries . Motor noise during usage is normal
- Users under 14 years old without adults’ supervision, or unwell minded are not allowed “Remote control doesn’t work: check if power cord and power socket is
to use this product connected well; check if power switch is turned on
* Users who need to take rests according to doctors’ or not feeling well . ‘This product stop working: it stops automatically when rated working time
* Users in wet body are not allowed to use this product is out; it works continuously long time so that the temperature protection
* Users who are sensitive to heating must pay attention during usage switches on and shut off automatically, use it after half an hour
3.Warnings Warnings
A Warning A Warning
Don’ t push down towards the calfrest when it goes up, to avoid the " Under standby and power on situation, don’ t pull the remote wire or
massage chair leaning forward and cause damages and injuries power cord to avoid damage or sudden electric shock; scrolling the remote
wire and power cord is recommended
4 Warning h hand ti t position before sittin A Wa ring
Make suret . at the re tacl an . are nc in seat po hand 6 Make sure that no pets and children are under the footrest and backrest
onit, to avoid uncomfortable or damage to massage hand's before operating zero gravity function, to avoid damages and injuries

‘This product is designed with intelligent muted massage hands which can move
up and down, can offer knead and flap functions.

‘It is designed with shoulder position automatic detection and adjustment, it can
automatically calculate acupuncture points according to different shoulder
heights, so as to offer humanistic and scientific massage.

‘It is designed with 12 automatic modes: master’ s choice, easy sleep, health
recharging, ache relieve, full body stretch, neck&shoulder, waist care, hip
shaping, fatigue recover, lady mode, worker mode, cybraian mode.

‘It is designed with 3 memory modes.

‘Manual modes: available options for massage position, massage mode,
massage speed, width, foot roller and calfrest kneading.

- Airbag massage: full body airbag, upper body airbag (4 airbags in upper arm,

8 airbags in hand and lower arm), lower body airbag (22 airbags),
with 3 strength options.

‘Itis designed with waist heating function: adopts microfiber as far-infrared
source, to accelerate blood circulation and prevent waist muscle strain.

- The reclining of backrest adopts combination of cylinder and rail technology,
which enables maximum space-saving.

- The backrest rail uses SL curved rail technology, to matches the backrest shape
perfectly and offers close massage from head to thigh.

- Wireless Bluetooth music: designed with 3D digital audio in left and right upper
armrests, helps users releasing stress by listening music while enjoying massage.
‘It is designed with voice control function: the detector is built inside the left
side speaker, enjoy the massage at your own will by just making simple

‘It is designed with sole roller and calf kneading massage.

‘It is designed with calfrest and backrest recline and decline function.

‘It is designed with USB recharger.

‘It is designed with LED lights on both left and right armrests.

‘Itis designed with 3.5 inches TFT colorful remote control.
5.Note: The colors shown in screen, typesetting and order of massage NU

functions and their icons should prevail to real screen!

LTFT colorful LED . 12.Massage position adjustment 1.0n/off: start or stop massage chair 9.Calfrest decline: lay down the calfrest
2.Massage function display 13.Shoulder position adjustment 2,Up: to move up the navigation button 10.Lay-down: massage chair lays down
3.Backrest stretch display 14.Timing . 3.0k: confirm 11.Pause: stop current functions
4.Massage method display 15.Bluetooth 4.Left: left control 12.Right: right navigation button

5.Zero gravity display 16.Massage position display 5.Right: right control 13.voice control: voice control button
6.Calfrest kneading display 17.Backrest heating display . 6.Menu: enter main interface 14.Auto: to enter automatic modes
7.Armrest airbag display 18.Speed adjustment 7.Sit up: massage chair sits up 15.Zero gravity 1: adjust the angle to zero gravity 1
8.Thigh and leg airbag display 19.Roller speed adjustment 8.Calfrest recline: lift up the calfrest 16.Zero gravity 2: adjust the angle to zero gravity 2
9.Sole roller display 20.Calfrest kneading speed adjustment

10.Width adjustment 21.Info .

11.Airbag strength adjustment
6.Usage methods Usage methods
—. Switch on 1), Automatic lay-down adjustment
‘After starting the massage, the chair will enter automatic lay-down position
@ Plugin @Plug in © Switch on } and detect shoulder position.
Display screen:
Recline angle adjustment Body sensing progress
Massage function operation ON
1.Standby é *. Loading......
- Massage chair is under standby position. @o°
Screen display: enjoy the healthy life Biase nod Male ane the 0 Press "OK" for default setting
2). Shoulder position detect and adjustment
Enjoy the Healthy Life - When massage hands detect the shoulder position, buzzer sounds ‘Didi’ ,
adjustitby pushing ‘up’ or ‘down’ if itis not the real position, there are
11 level options. It will enter massage mode if there is no adjustment within
10 seconds. It can also enter massage mode by pressing ‘ok’ button. If
shoulder position can’ t be detected, the massage will run according to
default shoulder height.
Display screen:
f Shoulder position
™ S
2. Start massage (on/off) _ me =
- Press on/off button to start massage. ye SNE
8 (Js —e =
oe = AA as) 06
| @ uN @ Auto program SS = —> CON
(1) ww =
aK ~~ (&) Master's choice Wr * ‘Position too low
{ a ‘ (©) Easy Sleep } ~ -Correct position
( 40K; dD) (3) Health Recharge | * Position too high
NOY ‘ ) Pain Relief | Selected ‘up’ at “down” button, and
_ _ _ —=> eS Full body stretch Press the enter” button
See two ce . . ce _
Ga Sy &) o Neck&shoulder a i i.
ie ee A t; : B n Description
yy (@) Waist care utto wn P
~ ~| 2 Hip shaping | | Move up the roller to suitable position.
a ~| x Selected up" of “down” ton, and Se Mave down the roller to suitable position.
Ao, Lo Press the “enter” button i
10 1"
7.Usage methods Usage methods
- If shoulder position needs to be adjusted after starting massage, it can be done 3, Pause
by pressing navigation button ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ to enter the shoulder position When massage is in process, stop current massage functions by pressing
interface, then press ‘Up’ or ‘down’ button to adjust the shoulder position. ‘Pause’ button, press it again to continue. If pause period is more than 20
Display screen: minutes, all massage functions will be turned off automatically.

SU NEE : WIDTH SPEED _ — — —— a
“) ft rl SRINTENSY ROLLER SPEED iv ~~ i \asscr BOM seat MASSAGE eT NEAL
Ss imc a ~ ~ “ Selesed “left” of ‘aght” button, and Selected “teft’ or ‘right’ button, sad
ay | lay! «| Selected “Teft* or “tight” button and Selected “up or ‘down’ button, and *| he press the “erter” buttor Bross the “enter buttan
. is 4 rt | press the “enter” button press the “enter” button Marae se
wy LL Massage functions in process Massage functions pause
B p g
3), Massage position adjustment 4. Menu . : ‘ , : :
. Enter main interface by pressing ‘Menu’ button, it contains auto program,
_iimassage position needs to be changed after massage is turning on and the manual program, airbag massage, additional function, memory storage,
x partial status under manual mode, it can be done by : ; “Un? ‘ >
pressing navigation button ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ to enter the massage position setting etc. To select by pressing Up’ or ‘Down’ button, retur to ‘
interface. Press ‘Up’ button and don’ t loose to move the massage hands previous menu by pressing ‘Left’ button, enter next menu by pressing
upward, it stops when finger loses; press ‘Down’ button and don’ tloose to Right’ button, confirm by pressing ‘Ok’ button
move the massage hands downward, it stops when fingers loses.
Display screen: ; _ @ Menu
@® an
Qo ay,
{Sl Massage position fA Massage position “EO (Arto program
; f fa @ Manual program
“astable' stable (4 (OK) >
Adjustable in part Adjustable in part 7 } ‘
ae. and fixed position! ) and fixed position! Air massage
AIRINTENSITY — ROLLER SPEED iv) [ot IS Selected ‘up! of “down” button and
ws GERRI] kvveaoins sreeo CUI press the “enter” baton
Selected “teft’ of "nght” button, and Press up/down button to move Press up/down button to move
press the ‘onter” button up and down, release to stop up and down, release to stop
12 13
8.Usage methods Usage methods
5. Auto program (Menu-auto program, can also enter auto program interface 6. Manual program
by pressing ‘Auto’ button . . ‘ ' :
yP & } “Enter menu interface by pressing ‘Menu’ button, choose manual program icon,
‘Enter menu interface by pressing ‘Menu’ button, choose auto program icon, including methods, area, speed, width, roller and kneading...etc.
there are 12 automatic modes: master’ s choice, easy sleep, health recharging, ‘There are 9 massage methods:360° knead,clockwise knead,counter-clockwise
ache relieve, full body stretch, neck&shoulder, waist care, hip shaping, fatigue knead,upper knead, lower knead,tap,knead&tap,knock and shiatsu.
recover, lady mode, worker mode, cybrarian mode. There are 5 areas: full back, upper back, lower back, partial and fixed position.
Display screen: - There are 5 speed options. Speed can only be adjusted under manual modes.
- There are 3 width options. Width can only be adjusted in flapping, knocking and
shiatsu status under manual mode.

YP et) io i Selected “up or “down button, and ~ Slower
i tC press the “enter” button (Memory storage Roller » ¢ Knead
(x) Setting tool Kneading ® FaTap _.
Selected ‘up’ or ‘dows’ button, snd Selected “navigation” button. ard
press the “enter” button pless the “enter” button
selected status selected status
@ Auto program @ Auto program
© Easy Sleep @ Lady Mode ‘Selected status: Sole roller: sole rolling massage with 3 speed options. It
3) Health Rech ; . . .
© an i . ange @ worker Mode offers scratching massage to sole area, to accelerate blood circulation and

@ Neckevshoulder -Calfrest kneading: calfrest kneading massage with 3 speed options. It helps
Waist care the office workers who sit for tong time without movement, suffering cold
, ; . i hands and feet caused by lower body insufficient blood circulation.
® Hip shaping v
Selected “up or "down" bution, and Selected ‘up’ or “down’ button, and } .
frase the enter” Button press the “ester” button Note: To select by pressing ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ button, return to previous
first page second page menu by pressing ‘Left’ button, enter next menu by pressing ‘Right’
button, confirm by pressing ‘Ok’ button. These operations are same
under other interfaces. .
14 ae
9.Usage methods Usage methods
7, Airbag massage 9, Memory storage
. . ‘ ’
Enter menu by pressing ‘Menu’ button, choose airbag massage: full body, f Enter menu interface by pressing “Menu’ button, choose memory storage
upper body, lower body. There are 3 strength levels. unction: M1, M2 and M3. .
: Save: store current massage mode, massage methods, airbag mode and
strength, caflrest and backrest position...etc.
-Use: choose saved massage mode, massage method, airbag mode and
(©) Air massage (©) Air massage strength, calfrest and backrest position...etc.
Full body Position 1 ce Memory storage <& Memory storage
Intensity Upper body 2 ML b> Use Use
Lower body 3 M2 Save M2 Save
‘ OFF M3 M3
Selected “navigation” button, and Selected ‘navigator’ button, and
press the “enter” button press the “enter” button
Selected status Selected status Selected ‘navigation’ button, and Selected “nangation” button. and ,
pretsthe ‘enter’ button press the “enter” button
. Selected status
10. Setting tool
8, Additional functions ‘Enter main menu interface by pressing ‘Menu’ button, choose setting tool
It is designed with waist heating function: adopts microfiber as far-infrared icon: time, LED light, language, bluetooth.
source, to accelerate blood circulation and prevent waist muscle strain. - There are 3 timing levels, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.
LED light: turn on and off LED light.
‘Bluetooth: turn on cellphone Bluetooth and match massage chair (matching
S Accessibili . .
om Accessibtty code 0000 or 1234), music can be played once matching is successful.
On ‘Language: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English.
OFF @ Menu X Setting tool
@)auto program 10min
@) Manual program LED light 20min
(3) air massage Language 30min
Accessibility Bluetooth
prestte “ens miter Memory storage
Salected “up" or "down" button, and Stected “navigation” butter, and
Riess the Tenter” button press the Center” batten
16 ] 17
10.Usage methods , Usage methods
3. Voice control operation 4, Position adjustment
“Awaken voice control function by speaking ‘HiWhat’sup’ when massage ‘include calfrest recline and decline, sit up, lay-down, zero gravity 1 and zero
chair is turned on or under standby status. gravity 2.
“Once it is awakened, it will answer ‘lam here’, users can speak corresponding por . as -
voice control words within 6 seconds, otherwise the voice control function will Button: ___ Description _.
be turned off automatically and needs to be awakened again. . ae . .
- Under noisy condition or when music is played, the awaken voice will not be | Calfrest rectine: lift up the calfrest slowly by pressing this button,
sensitive, it can be done by pressing the voice control button on remote control. - | it stops When finger loses.
Press the button short to awaken it, shut it off if press more than 3 seconds, and = —_—_ OO —
the awakening of voice control under this circumstance can only be done by | Calfrest decline: lay down the calfrest slowly by pressing this button, |
pressing the button. | _ it stops when finger loses
Note: Please speak correct and slowly, follow below words — —_—— —_—- —
a - Sit up: lift up the backrest and lay down the calfrest slowly by |
| ns pressing this button, it stops when finger loses :
| Awakening words: “Hi ,what’s up?” Answer: | am here — ee _ a
orrespondi : |
No. | Corresponding words — ___Answ er words | ea Lay-down: lay down the backrest and lift up the calfrest slowly by
1 | massage on | Answer: Ok, massage on. | ha pressing this button, it stops when finger loses
| 2 | massage off | Answer: Ok, massage close —_———— —_—- Sa
—— poop ———— —_—— _— roof Zero gravity 1: adjust the angle to zero gravity 1 by pressing this
3 master’ schoice | Answer: Ok, master choice | Based =| button. |
4 easy-sleep Answer: Ok, easy-sleep | Zero gravity 2: adjust the angle to zero gravity 1 by pressing this
rn rs TO rs — ZERO]
5 healthrecharge | Answer: Ok, health recharge | ai | button. —____- --—____... a |
| 6 | Pain relieve Answer: Ok, pain relieve
>; Leek euree AL te, edhe ete ~~ 5, Turn off and stop massage
7 i _fullb ody stretch | Answer: Ok, full b ody stretch Stop all massage functions by pressing ‘On/Off button during massage process,
_ 8 | neck&shoulder Answer: Ok, neck&shoulder : calfrest, backrest and massage hands return to original position. When timing
9 ~=«|sOwaistcare Answer: Ok, waist care oe out, all massage functions stop automatically, while calfrest and backrest
—_ , hip sh: . tT k. hip sh oo - - position will not change.
, 10 hipshaping = Answer: Ok, hip shaping _ _ - Shut-off power.
11 fixed massage Answer: ok, fixed massage
12 Changeto another mode Answer: Ok, change to another mode | @ Shut-off power @ Pullout powercord — @ Pull out power cord
| 13. | golittle down | Answer: Ok little down | YY = t a \ —
8 gotten answer ok goto |e
14 go little up Answer: Ok, go little up V en y| Pp ~<a a Bice
ae __ _ __ - | | pe | ey
15s situp Answer: Ok, raise the seat position | i aL
16 ——s recline down | Answer: Ok, lower the seat position
17 Stop adjustment | Answer: Ok, stop adjustment
18 19
11.Usage methods Maintenance and cleanin
6. Method to move the product : . .
Pp 7 1. Don’t clean this product with corrosive cleanser such as diluent

‘Move the backrest to highest position tee .

Shut-off d pull out th 4 2. Don’t iron the surface material

sift thetront x pe im oe het k part the chair b t 3. Don’t press, knock and scratch the massage chair
0 "up the vont ee an rhe han t e jac wn ? When. ' e i air by caster. 4. Press the remote control button gently

nce movement Is done, put the chair to original position slowly. 5. Itis recommended to use no more than 30 minutes at one time

Hl 6. Please pull out the plug immediately after usage
ex 7. Pull out the plug before cleaning. Don’t touch the plug with wet
( hands, to avoid electric shock and injury
Sy l os me |
Y e __
Se <<
Ce 4
- ‘\ Press down
SN = p ss so Le,
Note: movement must be done when the power switch is turned off and power
cord and remote wire is unplugged.
Name: Z100 Intelligent massage chair
Model: Z100
Rated voltage: 110V-120V~ 60Hz (1
220V-240V~ 50/60Hz [_

Rated power: 150W
Safety design: Class i
Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008