BM3 Neck & Shoulder Massager with Rollers (similar to Ceragem Healax)

Model Number : BM3

Condition : New

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Rs 2,900  3,500
  • Neck massager machine for cervical shoulder pain and stress relief with kneading and heat, massage pillow an be used in home and office chair
  • Special handle design to adjust roller position and massage intensity the more tightly you hold it against your body, the harder the rollers will massage
  • Kneading massage on neck, shoulders and back with 8 balls and heat, rollers can move clockwise and anti-clockwise, heat can be turned on or off
  • Can be used at: neck, shoulders, back, waist, thighs, abdomen

Neck Massager Machine for Cervical Shoulder Pain & Stress Relief with Kneading & Heat is a unique combination of rolling and heat massage therapies. The neck rollers are embedded in a belt so that you can adjust the position of the rollers and apply as much pressure on your muscles as required. You can target the rollers of this neck shoulder massager pillow to your desired strength , just pull as per the pressure required. This neck massager for pain & stress relief is compact and portable and can be taken along when you travel. This back and neck massager pillow for neck pain is highly effective in case of cervical spondylitis and to relieve muscle stiffness in the neck and shoulder region.

Product Name:
shoulder/ Neck Massager
Convenient to knead your neck
Massage Area:
Neck Shoulder
Massage point:
Neck Shoulder
Personal Health Care



Helps to reduce pain in Neck and Shoulder Region, can be used for Back, Hips or Thighs as well

Cartoon Size: W-20cm, L-40cm, H-18cm


Apply on neck area with both straps hanging on your neck; plug in the power supply and press the On/Off button on the massager. You can also adjust the intesity of rollers against your body by pulling the device towards you