BM1 Neck & Shoulder Tapping Massager (similar to Ceragem Healax) Rs 2250

Model Number : BM1

Condition : New

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Rs 1,600  3,000
  • Regular massage with this massager can improve the whole body functions like eliminate fatigue , relieve excess work pressure, improve sleep quality, enhanced immunity

  • Regular massage can improve the blood circulation in the body and hence get ease from various body disease

  • Different massage functions: one touch on-off: hand holding grooves, Lightweight but powerful Tapping massager for neck, shoulder, back, thigh pain

The original power of Neck and Shoulder Taiko-strength drum-massage technology, now reinvented in asnug-fit innovation - the Neck and shoulder Massager, for deep tissue relief with the utmost versatility. Combining our signature power drum-massage with a body-hugging design that provides more targeted contact, the Neck and Shoulder delivers the powerful punch that penetrates deep into the muscle layers to provide soothing and effective relief for Neck & Shoulder and other body areas. Unlike conventional tapping massagers, the Neck and Shoulder's powerful drumming massage pounds away stress and tensior to rejuvenate, invigorate and energies you like no other. Finally a medical technology innovation which will benefit millions of people suffering from chronic cervical spondylitis , stiff & fatigued neck & frozen shoulder.All those undergoing the sufferings of stiff neck for many years , those working in IT & banking sectors  in front of computers for very long hours , all those driving for longer hours resulting in tired shoulders need this amazing product.This device can be very easily placed on neck / shoulder region & warm rotating bi-directional rollers ( can be selected to move in clockwise or anti clockwise direction ) do the wonder , all stiff neck & shoulder muscles & nerves are gently stimulated inducing a great feeling of deep relaxation , this relieves muscles & blood circulation in cervical region improves. Great Value for money product for every home & therapy centre users.

Actual measured Carton Size- W-21cm, L-37cm, H-12cm, Measured Weight : 1.7 kg

  1. Featuring The Signature Power Drum-massage, The Versatile Cervical Massage Shawl That Provides Deep Tissue Relief For Aching Neck And Shoulders.

  2. The Invigorating Power Drum-massage Provides Deep Tissue Relief, Loosening Your Stiff Muscles To Improve Circulation So You Feel More Energized After Each Massage.

  3. Pamper Yourself With Pre-programmed Auto-rhythmic Massage At Different Intensity Levels To Suit Your Varying Needs.

  4. Compact And Portable, It Allows Close, Comfortable And Targeted Relief Of Muscle Aches And Strains Around The Neck, Shoulders And Lower Back.

  5. Portable Hands-free Design With One-touch Control Panel.