JB1 small jade heating belt 104 stones 123*18 cm /4'.04'' x 0.59

Model Number : JB1

Condition : New

Product Location : 21MN G2

Rs 5,800  7,999

Main Features

  1. 225 Tourmanium Ceramic Stones
  2. Infrared + Anion + Heating Therapy
  3. Made of 12 Photons and Germanium Stones
  4. Anion Therapy
  5. Far Infrared Therapy
  6. Warm Therapy
  7. Temperature 30-70 Degree C
  8. Size: 150X22cm

    All Features
    1. Far Infrared Therapy. (6 modern photon LEDs)
    2. Rich Anion Therapy.
    3. Heating Therapy. Temperature is adjustable from 30-70 degree C
    4. Tourmanium Ceramic Stones : Tourmaline, the best source of anions that doubles bio energy; germanium an outstanding anti-cancer material and with Anion <1000 ions/cc make the best world-class Tourmanium Ceramic!
    5. Special Silicon: Special silicon is used to attach Tourmanium with the top cover to prevent harmful materials even in high temperature.
    6. No electromagnetic waves: Special fiber free of corrosion and damage is used to block electromagnetic waves.
    7. Aluminum foil blocks water vein.
    8. Silicon wire: No disconnection problem and no danger of fire.
    9. Fiberglass: Retains heat for maximum insulation.
    10. Bimetal for triple security system: Controls temperature accurately to guarantee security of user.
    11. We have a surprising 48 Hours No Questions Refund Policy.
      1. If you return the product within 24 hours of purchase - Purchase amount refunded to you after deducting a small transaction charge of 10% of Purchase value
      2. If you return the product within 48 hours of purchase. Purchase amount refunded to you after deducting a small transaction charge of 20% of Purchase value