Lifelong LLM36 Powerful Double Head Body Massager Hammer

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Rs 1,520  2,200

Double Head Electric Massager - Come with 3 sets of removable free massage heads
Great for use on areas such as neck, back, legs and foot
Help blood circulation, relieves muscle pains and fatigue and improves sleep
Easy to Use - Non-slip & comfortable grip. Built with a strong rubber grip for ease of use and comfort while massaging


Product description
Style name:LLM36
Lifelong Body Massager is a portable massager with adjustable speed, which comes with 3 separate attachments to suit your needs. Its dual head and adjustable speed allows an easy customizable massage experience.

Perfect Massage Experience
The Lifelong body Massager is a handheld Massager with adjustable speed and a non-slip rubber handle for a massage suited to the intensity of the spasm/pain/stiffness, ensuring a perfect experience. The extended handle allows the Massager to affect hard-to-reach places as well.

The Lifelong Body Massager has a dual head feature and comes with 3 pairs of attachments for a massage which targets only the pressure points you want it to and are suited to specific body parts. The vibration intensity can also be adjusted according to your needs. Be careful not to use the massager on wet body parts or in moist places.

Pressure Points
The human body has 30 pressure points on the soles of the feet and palms, which are related to various organs. A massage helps in the release of certain hormones that calm your mind, relieve stress and help keep depression at bay. Lifelong?s Body Massager ensures you can control your mood throughout the day by carrying the lightweight Massager with you and using it whenever you want.

Massaging Principle
Massage involves the rubbing and manipulating of muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments. It improves your wellbeing and reduces stress, pain and stiffness in the body, making the immune system stronger. It also affects mood positively by stimulating and releasing hormones responsible for relaxation and consequently improves productivity and overall quality of life.

Targets Muscle Relaxation
This Massager is meant for usage on muscles only and not on bones, as the vibration tapping can harm your bones. Apply the full body Massager at the target area and move in slow strokes. You can increase pressure by pressing the Massager against your skin.

Loosens Up Muscles Through Friction
Vibrations increase the temperature of soft tissues. Vibrations stimulate an increase of temperature by friction against the skin. Friction causes an increase of blood flow to the muscles therefore causing the temperature to increase. When temperature increases, the muscle fibres relax and loosen allowing more movement.