HDM1 Head & Eye Massager with Air Pressure Massage function

HDM1 Head & Eye Massager with Air Pressure Massage function

Model Number : HDM1

Condition : New

Product Location : 21MN G2

Rs 8,500  10,000

HDM1 Head & Eye Massager With Air Pressure Massage Function

Product Description

Massage the eyes and head, calm the mind, soothe the nerves.
Enjoy a relaxing massage experience with a simple touch of a button!A simplified version of the Robotouch Head & Eye Massager. The Head & Eye Massager uses no remote control with intelligent air pressure, vibration, point massage, built-in relaxing music, and hot compress massaging technology to massage the head and ocular regions. All massage settings are preset for you. Easily control by the one-key touch and voice promote functions. This product applies the air pressure to the health care of head successfully, it works by microcomputer chip control technology and promotes blood circulation, relives tensions and headache by kneading the acupoints. See-through visor is available in Eye Massage.

Select from Yoga inspired music, birds chirping, running waves, and many other ambient music and sounds, all of which promise to dive you deeper into relaxation. The massager comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery so you can remain free to roam to your favorite spot of relaxation

This is a Digital Wireless Intelligent Head & Eye Massage

For Head, it provides deep relaxation; relieves stress, aches, and pains; increases blood circulation; allows for better sleep. For eye: It relieves eye fatigue and reduces wrinkles with long-term and regular use. It has built-in see-through glasses. For Neck, it relaxes strained and stiff neck muscles.
6 major massage elements - intelligent air pressure, vibration, magnetic field, point, heat compression and music

Newest and Patented Head & Eye massager, modern and clean look
Download your own music through USB cable with built-in mp3 player
lithium battery with AC power charger