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iRest SL A130 Robostic

BodyCure Z100 Full Body Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Rs 1,90,000

+ Courier charges Rs 4000 Approx for metro cities

Minimum Price

Rs 1,72,000 1 Year On Site Warranty

+ Installation charges Rs 10,000 Approx

Minimum Price

Rs 1,67,000 1 Year Off Site Warranty

+ Gst 12%

Minimum Price

Rs 1,62,000 without warranty




Z100 Massage Chair is new decade massage chair based on biomechanics, ergonomics and model physical therapy. It is equipped with zero power, zero space, longer curved rail massage, modern physics stretch, point, total with 58 airbags. It will bring you supreme massage experience, keeping you healthy and active every day. Intelligent mechanical hands can move up and down on neck, shoulder, back and waist. They can automatically induce human curve. The “SL” shape curve supporting body is a combination of back massage structure combines human engineering principle, so it can make back massage accurately positioned.

• 3D Massage Chair
• Zero Space
• “SL” Shape Curved Rail
• Zero Gravity
• LCD Display
• Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heating
• Extendable Foot Rest
• Bluetooth Music
• Automatic Body Shape Scanning
• Foot Rollers
• 58 Airbags
• Whole Body Stretch Mode
• 12 Auto Massage Programs

• Intelligent 3D massage system combines professional massage techniques to massage chairs to achieve multi dimensional and aspect massage, to help relieve your fatigue after a long day at work.
• Designed for relieve pain and stiffness on muscle specially scraping therapy, stretch back muscle, loosen muscle and bones, relieves fatigue.
• Scientific 20 minutes automatic massage program, can massage focus on your fatigue point, provide healthy service for your whole body.
• Ease up massage on back and waist, active ligament on lumbar and thoracic, loosen your muscle stiffness, enjoying wonderful massage.
• Comfortable neck and shoulder massage expel aches on cervical vertebra easily.
• Completely real pressure massage designs from neck to sole, arms to your finger tips, will provide you with incomparable full body massage experience and fully relieve skin.

Premium Plus Massage Chair

Automatic shoulder detection with 4 wheel massage hands, offers better shoulder & neck massage.
Super long L track rail, massage length up to 137cms from neck to thigh.
5 kneading modes: 360 degrees kneading, clockwise kneading, counter-clockwise kneading, upper back kneading, lower back kneading.
24V carbon fiber heating function
Zero gravity and space saving design.
Backrest reclines and declines by rail so as to extend lifetime of the cylinder

Leg stretches with limitless reversed mechanism (leg part moves up when pushing feet down) to massage different areas effectively
Leg parts are designed with airbag massage on two sides and squeezing in the middle, which is unique in middle class chairs
Closed footrest can fit maximum 46 yards feet, designed with 3 groups roller

Designed with airbag massage in upper arm area, stereo Bluetooth speaker
Intelligent voice control, can distinguish English, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, and Korean
24V safe voltage;10A super safe power switch
TFT navigation remote;12 automatic massage modes
Designed with sockets for remote and phone
Designed with USB charger
Designed with LED lights to perform cozy home environment
Use PU with 10 years hydrolysis resistance whole chair package

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Black, Brown, Gray











We are offering Z100 Ultimate 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair to our client and our product is made of good quality.
Most ideal product for those who can not lay down straight on bed with problems like:

Z100 Ultimate 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair Manual

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